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Our Solutions

We provide our customers with the best solutions for their outdoor spaces. We work with you every step of the way, and we're not happy with a project until you're thrilled! 

Transform your outdoors. We're with you every step.

From Start... Finish.
Furniture & Accents
Outdoor Lighting
Seals & Maintenance

Finish your stone work with high quality sealer for longer lasting color and to keep the moss here in the Northwest at bay. We also offer annual or as-needed maintenance, including power washing, repairs, and sealing.

Finish your outdoor space by letting us design and install custom outdoor lighting. Light is also a security feature, with fixtures that can be timed and always active, even on days you're away. 

We specialize in completing your outdoor space with custom, hand crafted wood accents and furniture. Want a table that perfectly sets off your new pergola? Done. Need an elegant fire pit cover? We do that too, along with stonework mailboxes, light posts, and other aesthetic details that add value and beauty to your project.

Fire Pits & Fire
Retaining & Seating Walls

Add a little heat to your outdoor entertaining. Custom fire pits or gas-powered fireplaces can keep the elements at bay and open up new opportunities for entertaining outdoors in the Northwest all year long!

Create a full service outdoor cooking area, complete with BBQ or grilling built-in. Make your outdoor entertaining easier than ever by bringing the kitchen outside.

BBQ, Built-ins & Outdoor Cooking

Add security and visual flare with a retaining wall. Give yourself more room for guests with our decorative seating wall concepts. Stone walls add beautiful boundaries, and give your outdoor spaces definition and impact.

Steps & Walkways
Patios & Driveways

Patios and driveways designed to serve you for a life time. Pavers are much stronger than concrete and easier to maintain. Enjoy the value a paver patio and driveway can bring to your property. 

Let us design safe and secure paths and steps to your favorite outdoor areas. Paver patterns add a luxurious look to gardens and landscapes. Colors and designs can also be varied to creatively match the terrain or other elements in your yard.

Covers & Shelters

Add that something extra to your new paved path or patio. We can create covered porches and pergolas that perfectly fit your space - and compliment your pavers and home.

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